Game out, stuff...

2007-08-07 12:13:59 by crushy

Well, I don't news post much but I'll give it a go...

The demo from my previous post is now a full game; Platform Bounce:

Vote 5, and review if your real kind :)

At the moment I'm working on a game called 'Paparazi', for a little game, the backgrounds and general art are taking a long time but I'm sure its worth it. If an actionscriptor is keen on a new not so big project, contact me.

Below is a picture to merely fill empty space, enjoy :)

Game out, stuff...


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2007-09-11 14:30:37

Hello body. :)


2007-09-30 10:23:45

Hows paparattzi going?


2008-02-01 19:36:34

Oh my god! A future game!