Entry #1

Game Demo

2007-07-18 15:35:08 by crushy

Check out my 'Platform Bounce' game demo.


Please comment it here, or on my site: http://www.crushy-media.co.uk

Comments are greatly needed, even if it is a short demo...

Do you like it? Too boring? Too hard? Too confusing? Or juuuust right :D?

Thanks for your time :)

Ps. The current .fla has a menu, 20 levels, 5 'ultimate levels', level editor (might ditch), 'Challenges', some secret stuff/easter eggs :D

Pps. Anyone that has relitive experiance with flash or coding, or is just game crazy, if you would like to beta test, I'll select about 3 people. Post if your interested. You will be credited.


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2007-07-18 15:58:44

Fun game :D
I think that the second level doesn't reset right though :S
That aside the game is somewhat original. In the end it is just another platfomer (But who doesn't like platformers?) I guess I could do the demo. If you can't get anyone else :P

crushy responds:

If by 'I could do the demo' you been that you could beta test, you've obviously got experiance :D I'll contact you if requests are low, you dont sound to keen, correct me if I'm wrong :)

As for the positioning on the second training level, thats one of the many glitches too point out, I know the problem and how to fix it luckily.

Nice to hear you liked it :)


2007-07-18 16:08:59

It was okay..

crushy responds:

Meh... Thanks.


2007-07-25 10:49:29

I liked it. It has a nice feel to it, however I did find one bug. I was shot up really high by going through two electric balls in a row and when I landed (On the bottom platform) I fell through the ground. This probably has something to do with how fast I was going.

Besides that, it is looking pretty nice and bouncy.

crushy responds:

I've been testing my crappy actionscript tons, I increased the fps to 60, reduced the lag, and increased the collision detection, its sorted.

The games been sponsored and its out for release in the next 48 hours. Look out for it ;)



2007-07-28 17:13:07

Nice game :)
I've started learning actionscript, It's quite hard but I'm getting through it. Any tips and stuff you wish you had have known when you were a beginner that you could tell me?
Oh and how much did you get for the sponsership?

crushy responds:

Hey, nice too know your looking at actionscript, to be honest I'm barely intermediet. But I will recomend this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/
view/365318 tutorial over anything.
If you ever have any future AS problems, I'll do my best to help :)

I got $1350 (650 sterling).


2007-07-30 00:35:38

What's a months rent in Bournemouth?

Anyways, it's looking pretty enjoyable. Noting glitches though, sometimes I bounce WAY out of screen. It seems like the physics are kinda off. Though you already be aware of this.

And yes I'd be willing to beta test is you're still looking for help. I'm rather meticulous when it comes to that stuff. I love finding glitches in video games and what not.

crushy responds:

Thanks for the comments, but the games out now :) Check my flash, it gotta daily 4th :D

A months rent in bournemouth... well, I dunno, I'm 13, but I guess it's a lot if your by the beach though.


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