I have Flash again!

2009-02-13 15:13:46 by crushy

Ah the joys of Flash, now what... I've forgotten most of what I knew, it'll be a while before I make anything decent, let alone sponsorable. I shall persist though :)

Ps. Coursework ruins creativity D:

Okay, so I've been buying stuff recently, here's a catch up...

Adobe CS3 Design Premium

Yep, I earned some cash from games I've made and managed to get the programs cheap due to the fact I'm at school, I got the Student version, not Educational, I believe there's a difference so... yeah.

Within the package, you get:

- Flash CS3
- Illustrator CS3
- Photoshop CS3
- Dreamweaver CS3
- InDesign CS3
- Bridge CS3 (Never used it...)
- Some Mobile program + acrobat and some other little things

Very happy with it, and it works surprisingly well on Vista.

Essential Actionscript 3.0 - Chris Moock

I need to learn actionscript, so I might aswell go with 3.0. From what I've heard, the book is good, but both this book, and the other I bought are arriving next week so I'll give my opinions then. All I know is it is 900+ pages and its going to take a while to read...

How to cheat in Flash - Chris Georgenes

I've looked into it and this book has some really great reviews, and despite the name it has a detailed insight on many features and techniques for Flash and Illustrator. I'll give my views on the book when it arrives anyway.

As you may have noticed, I have one book on the graphics side of things and one on coding, if I manage both books I should get quite a lot out of them.

If anyone has these books, please let me know what you think.

PS. What the hell is Adobe Bridge for?

Cool Beans...

Money = Productivity + Less Book Shelf Room

Game out, stuff...

2007-08-07 12:13:59 by crushy

Well, I don't news post much but I'll give it a go...

The demo from my previous post is now a full game; Platform Bounce:


Vote 5, and review if your real kind :)

At the moment I'm working on a game called 'Paparazi', for a little game, the backgrounds and general art are taking a long time but I'm sure its worth it. If an actionscriptor is keen on a new not so big project, contact me.

Below is a picture to merely fill empty space, enjoy :)

Game out, stuff...

Game Demo

2007-07-18 15:35:08 by crushy

Check out my 'Platform Bounce' game demo.


Please comment it here, or on my site: http://www.crushy-media.co.uk

Comments are greatly needed, even if it is a short demo...

Do you like it? Too boring? Too hard? Too confusing? Or juuuust right :D?

Thanks for your time :)

Ps. The current .fla has a menu, 20 levels, 5 'ultimate levels', level editor (might ditch), 'Challenges', some secret stuff/easter eggs :D

Pps. Anyone that has relitive experiance with flash or coding, or is just game crazy, if you would like to beta test, I'll select about 3 people. Post if your interested. You will be credited.